Global Management Partners is proud to have been selected as one of a handful of companies to be represented at the P.A.W. annual event.

P.A.W. (Passionate About Winning) Journey is a leadership initiative designed to strengthen, cultivate and nurture the personal growth, life skills and professional development of football student-athletes. The 5th Quarter is the professional and career development pillar of the program.

5th Quarter provides the student athletes with the opportunities to participate in a series of micro-internships, professional skill workshops and hiring/interview opportunities. These opportunities are designed to help propel student athletes into the marketplace with professional exposure and experience to help them make a smooth transition.

Executive Vice President, Cary Moore represented GMP and conducted interviews. He said, “We feel privileged to be part of Clemson’s effort to not only invest in their students, but the future marketplace. It’s exciting to see student athletes who are looking and intentionally preparing for life beyond the football field. The level of professionalism was impressive.”

GMP’s foundational core value is People. We strongly support our community at home and our project sites. We feel that our approach to our People value promotes an open, stimulating and fun work environment. Moore added, “The goal of P.A.W., and 5th Quarter aligns with this important corporate value, providing fertile ground for talent acquisition beyond competency, but also includes character and chemistry.”

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