As a worldwide leader in project management and EPC, Global Management Partners understands the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. We provide leadership, guidance, and project management across a broad spectrum of industries in locations around the world.

Safety has always been one of our chief guiding principles. It’s not something we’ve just added to look good during a global pandemic, but a value we have held from the very beginning of our company. Our goal has always been zero-reported incidents.

Unlike a project site where obstacles and potential hazards can be removed, replaced or repaired, Covid-19 is like boxing shadows. You can’t see it. However, we can be vigilant and intentional in our approach as we seek to protect our clients, but most importantly our people on the ground wherever that may be.

Global Management Partners is following government protocols for Covid-19 in every country, region, state and/or city in which we are currently operating. As a global company operating around the world, this means that our leadership has to stay educated and informed about a wide range of protocols established by many different governments. It is a tall order, but one we take seriously for the sake of our team, clients, vendors, and their families.

Where we are allowed to continue working we are taking every precaution to protect the sites, developments, and projects we are managing as well as the people on those sites. We are working hard to maintain open lines of communication to keep our people and clients informed of any changes. Sacrifices are being made across all industries because of a “new” normal. We are doing our best to make the necessary sacrifices while continuing to provide value and reach critical project deadlines.

Our team, where permissible, is working remotely to reduce the risk of infection. Our facilities that are not in mandated closure areas are continually cleaned and wiped down with disinfectant. In places where we have people working on-site, we have asked them to self-report if they are ill, or not feeling well and to seek medical help/advice as necessary in order to minimize potential risks. We are also asking clients, vendors and those doing business with us self-report any illness so we can reschedule meetings, work, or make arrangements to do so through video, or conference calls.

There is not a business, organization, or community in the world that has not been impacted in some form by the Covid-19. We understand these are challenging times but believe times like this can be a launchpad for innovation, ingenuity, and industry within healthy parameters. We remain hopeful, but we are taking this matter seriously as we attempt to continue providing excellence beyond expectations for our clients and guard the health and welfare of our team members and their families.

Let’s all be safe out there and practice wise personal hygiene such as social distancing, hand washing, disinfectant usage, and common sense. We care about our team, their families, our clients and theirs, as well as we do about our world.

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