Job Safety is GMP’s Top Priority and a Core Principle

The Goal of GMP’s Health and Safety program is to execute projects successfully and with ZERO incidents. Our focus includes all our employees, our clients, our sub-contractors, and associates in the workplace.

GMP employees receive critical training that brings focus to thinking about safety from start to finish for every activity and project. To emphasize this point, we strive to begin all meetings with a safety topic to drill home the point that Safety is the #1 topic. Our program provides training for all employees, including core components such as:

    • ♦ proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • ♦ safe equipment practices
    • ♦ site specific procedures
    • ♦ safety reporting
    • ♦ individual commitment to the view that all workplace accidents are preventable

GMP believes an approach to prevent incidents must be in place that includes:

    • ✔ safety conscious behavior
    • ✔ thoughtful planning
    • ✔ care for self and others

At GMP, everyone has a personal commitment to our jobs, clients, and most importantly, our families. It is our expectation and responsibility that everyone working on our projects – employees, clients, and subcontractors – return home safely to their homes and families every day!

GMP’s safety specialists work constantly to ensure that all projects are conducted in the safest manner possible by working with our employees regularly to provide training in topics such as:

    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Control of Hazardous Energy ➔ Lockout / Tagout (LOTO)
    • Hazard Communication
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Electrical Safety
    • Forklifts / Powered Industrial Trucks / Cranes and Derricks
    • Respiratory Protection / Hearing Protection
    • Fall protection / Ladder Safety
    • Permit-required Confined Spaces
    • Scaffold Safety / Aerial Lifts and Powered Working Platforms
    • Fire Extinguishers / Flammable Liquids & Gases and Storage
    • Welding / Torch Operations

GMP’s Health and Safety program is designed to facilitate the execution of our projects successfully and with zero incidents to our employees, our clients, our sub-contractors and associates.