We Deliver Your Project!

GMP is a company focused on providing value added support to our clients through proactive leadership in all phases of a program or project.

Our Services

Front End Loading (FEL)
FEL is more than just a cost estimate on a project. It is deep analysis to lay the groundwork and technical details after the conceptual development or feasibility study of a project. It provides a wide picture to the investment firm, or owner(s) so they can have a “big picture” view of every project phase that will follow along with schedule and cost and impact. It precedes EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction).
Project Management
Project management means that all levels of a project will be addressed, managed and executed. This includes the management of engineers and engineering projects, but also includes things like project management basics, methodologies, lifecycle, the necessary tools, team collaboration, schedules and more.
Construction Management
This is the process of creating schedules and detailed estimates. We manage documents, changes and forecasts. Field productivity can be guided from anywhere with mobile solutions.
Procurement is the process of creating relationships with vendors, suppliers, subcontractors and other agents to secure the materials and services to complete the project. This includes initiating and planning, selection, writing contracts, monitoring progress and dates, closing and completion.
Project Controls and Estimating
Cost controls and estimating are vital to ensuring successful project completion, staying within budget and allowing for weather and supply related issues that come up in every project. This helps make financial decisions that protects the owner/investor and minimizes capital losses. Here is where the project is: accurately forecast in terms of time and costs; manage changes that can affect the scope of work; and using project controls that allows the project management team to stay focused on the overall project completion.
Control System Integration and Support
We are fully capable to develop system architecture, program, commission and start-up process control systems and control systems infrastructure for small and large projects, for both DCS and PLC platforms. Our control system specialists utilize industrial automation platforms from leadings suppliers, and we ensure certified methodology and standards are utilized.
Staff Augmentation

We are keenly aware of the extraordinary value in having the right people in the right place for the project at hand. People can make or break a project and we practice due diligence to insure everyone is on the same page with the deadlines, scope and nature of the project. We are very deliberate in how we outsource and staff projects to meet overall project goals and objectives. We have a system in place to evaluate existing staff and determine if additional skills are going to be needed to complete the project within budget and on time.
Plant Support Services
We are experienced in helping to develop plant-wide support that includes maintenance to help reduce costs while enhancing safety, schedule, and on-time delivery with minimal shut downs. We innovate to help our customers develop processes and people that yield lower total cost in helping them achieve their goals. We want to increase safety and minimize potential problems while increasing productivity.