We get to know you and your challenges

Early on, we get to know you and your challenges and from this vantage point we deploy evolving strategies that allow for a win-win for you and GMP with each of our strategies tailored to address a specific need. This gathering of data and subsequent flexible-strategy deployment leads to GMP aligning various proven techniques successfully during the early stages of a project’s development. To aid in GMP’s understanding of our clients, we use a decision matrix that considers several factors and then integrate GMP’s resources with an owner’s project team to assure owners top-quartile safety performance, budget, and schedule conformance through comprehensive and construction management execution plans.

One of the predominant issues we see on any project is inadequate communication, be it incorrect, insufficient, or overcommunication. And with projects requiring more professionals and contractors, the appropriate level of communication is paramount. Ineffective communication is often the underlying cause of engineering and construction problems, with inadequacies resulting from unrealistic expectations and critical tasks being overlooked. GMP utilizes interactive planning to align the client, key vendors, and service contractors to the schedule and critical activities. Then, using a best practice tool called a charter, we provide a concise overview of the project, including scope, timeline, decision hierarchy, and which organization is responsible for what elements of the project.