Our sustainability mindset runs deep

GMP is committed to contributing to sustainable solutions and environmental responsibility. We strive to make a difference in the world and believe environmental management and preservation is one of the most important ways we can have an impact. By championing a sustainable mindset within GMP we gain a competitive advantage while elevating our clients and protecting our planet.

Throughout the life of any of our projects we work hard to evaluate and present the most environmentally responsible solutions. We believe that being a responsible citizen will lead to short and long-term benefits for our clients, our staff, and the communities in which we live and conduct business. And partnering with our clients to always explore the most forward-thinking solutions to their problems gives us a great opportunity to do good.

As the world continues to move away from fossil fuels, GMP continues to support new environmentally friendly initiatives through engineering and project management. Our team has a long tradition in the energy transition market from renewable fuels and biological plastics to synthetic specialty chemicals. We have experience in gasification of various feedstocks including MSW and other waste streams. And we are always mindful of legislation that supports carbon intensity, capture and sequestration and execute projects that maximize these savings for our clients.